Fisher Family Genealogy

Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL


City/Town : Latitude: 40.55611, Longitude: -90.86583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHBY Emma Cleveland  16 Nov 1884Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I42
2 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  26 Jul 1877Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
3 BOURN Dorothy J.  14 Mar 1931Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I817
4 BUSHNELL, W. G.  Abt 1875Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I706
5 DANIELS Clara B.  1 Sep 1874Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
6 DAUGHERTY or DOUGHERTY Martha Jane  30 Sep 1861Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I683
7 Dowacter, Ollie Florine  9 Oct 1912Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1023
8 FARRIS Erma Isabel  4 Aug 1886Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I700
9 FARRIS, William Nathan  24 Apr 1894Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1401
10 FISHER, Arthur M.  12 Aug 1878Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I75
11 FISHER Charles H.  25 Jun 1873Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I78
12 FISHER Cora  Apr 1873Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I691
13 FISHER, Darlene L.  30 Jun 1916Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I285
14 FISHER, Dorothy  19 Dec 1905Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I81
15 FISHER Everette Reon  27 Jul 1927Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I818
16 FISHER Grover C.  25 Nov 1884Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I247
17 FISHER Jessie  25 Dec 1908Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I88
18 FISHER Lena B.  23 Nov 1869Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I93
19 FISHER Madelyn  4 Jul 1911Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I96
20 FISHER, Margaret Ruth  23 Jun 1917Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I109
21 FISHER Mary L.  1 Jan 1875Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I99
22 FISHER Ollive Milberry Blanche  15 Jan 1879Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I255
23 FISHER Orville Benjamin  24 Aug 1873Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I217
24 FISHER Paul  22 Oct 1914Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I104
25 FISHER Raymond Claude  6 Jan 1899Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I105
26 FISHER Reva Irene  5 Feb 1901Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I106
27 FISHER, Ronald "Dean"  09 May 1932Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1015
28 FISHER Truman  26 Jun 1903Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I117
29 FISHER, Wilbur Roy  13 Oct 1895Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1144
30 FISHER Zella  23 Apr 1895Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I119
31 HARDISTY, Gayle  29 Aug 1914Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1395
32 HARDISTY, Guy Jr.   I1396
33 HOBBY, Barbara Ruth   I1094
34 HOBBY, Karen Sue   I1095
35 ROBERTS, Abraham Lincoln  03 Jun 1861Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1222
36 ROBERTS, Harriet Josephine  15 May 1863Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1167
37 ROBERTS, Ida Belle  03 Mar 1865Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1168
38 ROBERTS John Franklin  08 Jun 1858Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  8 Jun 1960Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
2 ASHBY Thomas J.  2 Feb 1908Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I48
3 BRITTON Fronie Ethel  22 Aug 1965Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I61
4 BROWN Elizabeth  19 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I62
5 FARRIS Mary Ann  3 Oct 1928Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I70
6 FARRIS William J.  24 Feb 1897Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I231
7 FARRIS, William Nathan  10 Dec 1963Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1401
8 FISHER Abel  4 Aug 1924Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I73
9 FISHER, Arthur M.  9 May 1897Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I75
10 FISHER Grover C.  10 May 1885Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I247
11 FISHER Lena B.  4 Jul 1892Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I93
12 FISHER Madelyn  June 13 1996Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I96
13 FISHER, Margaret Ruth  09 May 2004Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I109
14 FISHER Paul  25 Sep 1917Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I104
15 FISHER Thomas  17 Jun 1879Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I115
16 FISHER Thomas H.  1 Jun 1914Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I116
17 FISHER, Wayne Kenneth  17 Sep 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I219
18 FISHER, Wilbur Roy  22 Dec 1958Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1144
19 FOSTER Ruthwin Floyd  2 Feb 1922Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I89
20 HARDISTY, Guy  Sep 1962Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I125
21 McKEOWN, Norman A.  4 Jan 1935Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1002
22 PENSINGER Abraham Lincoln  14 Apr 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I139
23 ROBERTS, Abraham Lincoln  16 Sep 1862Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1222
24 WALTERS, Nancy Maleta  11 Nov 1946Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOURN Dorothy J.  20 Dec 1993Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I817
2 FARRIS Mary Ann  6 Oct 1928Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I70
3 FISHER, Dorothy  5 Jul 2000Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I81
4 FISHER Jessie  6 Sep 1991Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I88
5 FISHER Madelyn  June 15 1996Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I96
6 FISHER Ollive Milberry Blanche  1903Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I255
7 FISHER Orville Benjamin  11 Jun 1958Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I217
8 FISHER Paul  26 Sep 1917Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I104
9 RUBERTS Cecil H.  July 31, 1974Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I146
10 WALTERS, Nancy Maleta  13 Nov 1946Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    CENSUS    Person ID 
1 Anna  20 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1079
2 Ella  25 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I220
3 Ella  21 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I220
4 Sarah B.  14 Jun 1870Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1384
5 Sarah B.  10 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1384
6 ASHBY Anna Pearl  21 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I41
7 ASHBY Anna Pearl  9 Feb 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I41
8 ASHBY Anna Pearl  12 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I41
9 ASHBY Emma Cleveland  21 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I42
10 ASHBY Emma Cleveland  4 Feb 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I42
11 ASHBY Emma Cleveland  21 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I42
12 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  08 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
13 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  02 Jan 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
14 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  25 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
15 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  22 Apr 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
16 ASHBY Florence Ethyl  24 Apr 1950Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I43
17 ASHBY, Mary Lou  8 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I45
18 ASHBY, Mary Lou  25 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I45
19 ASHBY, Shrilda Belle  08 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I47
20 ASHBY, Shrilda Belle  09 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I47
21 ASHBY Thomas J.  08 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I48
22 BRITTON Fronie Ethel  21 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I61
23 BRITTON Fronie Ethel  11 Apr 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I61
24 BRITTON Fronie Ethel  11 Apr 1950Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I61
25 COTTON Eliza A.  12 Jun 1880Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I175
26 DANIELS Clara B.  20 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
27 DANIELS Clara B.  20 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
28 DANIELS Clara B.  09 Feb 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
29 DANIELS Clara B.  21 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
30 DANIELS Clara B.  ?? Apr 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
31 DANIELS Clara B.  4 Apr 1950Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I954
32 FARRIS, Cecil D.  25 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1070
33 FARRIS, Clarence G.  25 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1071
34 FARRIS Erma Isabel  24 Apr 1950Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I700
35 FARRIS Mary Ann  02 Jan 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I70
36 FARRIS Nathan Ward  02 Jan 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I234
37 FARRIS, Orie May  24 Apr 1950Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1400
38 FARRIS Theodore  25 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I679
39 FARRIS, William Nathan  22 Apr 1940Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I1401
40 FENTON, Pauline   I1092
41 FENTON, Pauline   I1092
42 FENTON, Phyllis Elaine   I1093
43 FENTON, Phyllis Elaine   I1093
44 FISHER Abel  03 Jan 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I73
45 FISHER, Bertha  23 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I704
46 FISHER, Bertha  18 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I704
47 FISHER Charles A.  20 Jun 1900Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I183
48 FISHER Charles A.  20 Apr 1910Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I183
49 FISHER Charles A.  09 Feb 1920Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I183
50 FISHER Charles A.  21 Apr 1930Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I183

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MILI    Person ID 
1 HARDISTY, Guy  5 Jun 1917Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    OCCU    Person ID 
1 FISHER Madelyn  Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I96
2 GEORGE Emanuel Dewey  Bef 1963Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    RELI    Person ID 
1 FISHER Madelyn  Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I96
2 FISHER Reva Irene  Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I106


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    RESI    Person ID 
1 FISHER Thomas  1846Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I115


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID 
1 FARRIS Mary Ann  4 Jan 1924Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I70
2 FISHER Abel  4 Jan 1921Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL I73


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATTEBERY / FISHER  1 Jan 1899Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F65
2 BUSHNELL / FISHER  24 Nov 1898Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F101
3 DAUGHERTY or DOUGHERTY / FISHER  14 Oct 1860Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F70
4 FARRIS / ASHBY  26 Oct 1892Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F29
5 FISHER / ASHBY  5 Sep 1894Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F31
6 FISHER / DANIELS  17 Mar 1898Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F72
7 GORDON / WALTERS  18 Mar 1913Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F47
8 HOBBY / GRAY   F367
9 KLING / FISHER  24 Feb 1898Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F102
10 McKEOWN / FISHER  4 Feb 1928Blandinsville, McDonough Co., IL F345
11 MOORE / HOBBY   F366