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1 (VII) BRIGADIER-GENERAL JOHN THOMAS WILDER. son of Reuben and Mary (Merritt) Wilder, was born at Hunter Village, Greene County, New York, January 31, 1830, and died at Jacksonville, Florida October 20, 1917. Internment was in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As a boy he served as an apprentice draftsman in a millwright plant at Columbus, Ohio, later establishing his own foundry and mill at Greensburg, Indiana. By the time of the outbreak of the Civil War his business was a success and his products were sold in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He was member of the Democratic party when the war commenced, but decided that he would support the Union cause and had two six-pound cannon cast in his foundry. In May, 1861, he organized a light artillery for the first three-year regiment recruited in Indiana, which was mustered into service as Company K of the 17th Indiana Infantry, with Wilder as captain. June 12, 1861, he was appointed by Governor Oliver P. Morton lieutenant-colonel of the 17th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and was advanced to colonelcy the following year. His command first saw service in West Virginia and was with Buell’s army in the second day’s battle at Shiloh. It was after this that he was given command, as senior colonel, of a brigade which served at Munfordville, Kentucky, and in the Tullahoma campaign in Middle Tennessee. In June, 1863, when Hoover’s Gap in the Cumberland Mountains was held by a strong Confederate force to give Bragg’s main army time to fall back toward Chattanooga, Wilder’s brigade forced the gap open and pursued its defenders when they retreated. As a result of the engagement the command came to be known as “Wilder’s Lightning Brigade.” It was composed of the Indiana and Illinois infantry regiments, but differed from other infantry commands in that his men were equipped, at the insistance of Wilder, with the then new model Spencer repeating rifles, and its troopers were mounted. Cist, the historian of the Army of the Cumberland, wrote in 1897, to President McKinley: “General Sheridan told me just after the battle of Chickamauga that he would rather have Wilder’s military reputation than that of any other man in the service.” On August 6, 1864, Wilder was brevetted brigadier-general in recognition of his services.

Resigning from the army in October, 1864, he removed to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and took part in leading the development of natural resources around that city. He founded the Roane Iron Works and built one of the first blast furnaces in the South. In 1870 he established a rail mill at Chattanooga, and was also active in the promotion and construction of the Charleston, Cincinnati & Chicago railroad. For himself and his associates he acquired about half a million acres of iron and coal lands in Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee, and built the Carnegie furnace at Johnson City. He was mayor and postmaster, at Chattanooga, pension agent at Knoxville, and commissioner of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park. He was a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, and an honorary member of the Iron and Steel Institute of Great Britain. President Benjamin Harrison asked General Wilder to serve as his Secretary of War, but he refused.

Brigadier-General John Thomas Wilder married (first), May 18, 1858, Martha Jane Stewart. (Stewart III.) He married (second), in 1904, Dora E. Lee, of North Carolina, whose father was a captain in the Confederate Army. 
WILDER John Thomas (I355)
2 1910 federal census of parents family indicates Willis deceased prior to census date of May 10, 1910. PENSINGER, Willis (I1061)
3 Oscar is related to Flora Murray who married Sarah's uncle John K. Fisher. MURRAY, Oscar (I792)
4 "...passed away at home of her daughter, Mrs 0. B. Fisher at one o. clock on Sunday morning, April 2, 1927, aged 68 yeard 18 months and 18 days. She had been enjoying the best of health and cheerfully doing her work and earning her livelihood till within a few days of her sudden death....On Thursday she was stricken with appendicitis which in spite of careful nursing and medical care terminated all the cares and labors of her long and busy life." HARDY, Martha Jane (I1781)
5 "...says she and her husband are prospering on the farm in Missouri. They are moving this month to a bigger and better farm than the one they had heretofore." BISSELL, Blanche (I949)
6 "...says she and her husband are prospering on the farm in Missouri. They are moving this month to a bigger and better farm than the one they had heretofore." REYNOLDS, Sherman (I951)
7 "...she married W. H. Craig 21 Apr 1978." Family: CRAIG, William Henry / FISHER Emma Jane (F592)
8 "...they will reside on a farm near that city (Macomb)." Family: FOLEY, Orval Henry / BISSELL, Violet Irene (F561)
9 "...until coming to Blandinsville where be lived until bis death May 3, 1923.
His illness was over a year's duration and thee last few weeks his sufferings were intense..." 
LOCKETT John Thomas (I813)
10 "A son of Floyd and Mariah (Charter) Foster, the father a native of Michigan, the mother, born in Kentucky, Charles Edward Foster was born on June 10, 1869 in Hire township." FOSTER Charles Edward (I722)
11 "Abel Fisher who has been sick for some time had a sinking spell Tuesday and is worse than he has been." The beginning of Abel's health declining to his death in 1924? FISHER Abel (I73)
12 "After funeral services. which were held Wednesday at 10 a.m., the remains were taken Novelty and laid to rest by the side of his former wife (Eliza) and only child (Francis Marion) who preceded him several years ago." FISHER Matthias (I101)
13 "After years of invalidism, Mrs. John Daugherty, aged over eighty-two years, died at her home at Brownville, Sunday, May 7, 1911." FISHER Margaret Phoebe (I178)
14 "Arther M. Fisher, youngest son of Thomas and Mary Fisher...died of consumption about three o'clock in the morning of May 9, 1897." FISHER, Arthur M. (I75)
15 "Dearest Mother: You no doubt wili be surprised to hear of me being in Ireland. We
left Boston, Mass., May 5th and after fourteen days steady traveling we landed at Cork, Ireland, and from there we went to Queenstown." 
FISHER, Paul Vernon (I221)
16 "Death came Monday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fred Wheeldon, after a lingering illness during which time he was a patient sufferer. The funeral services were held at the daughter's home Tuesday afternoon at four o'clock conducted by Rev. D. A. McCullough, pastor of the Auburn Methodist church, and the remains were laid to rest in the Brownville cemetery."
DAUGHERTY John Allen (I179)
17 "Death came on Thanksgiving Day to Mrs. George Foster, on the (one of) the
Blandinsville community's oldest residents. She was nearly 91 years old and for the past several weeks had been ill at her home a mile southeast of town." 
CREASEY, Mariah Adeline (I1081)
18 "Death came to Charles Edward Foster, 73, retired Blandinsville farmer at his home here at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 23, 1942. His passing came as a result of a stroke of paralysis suffered just twenty-four hours before." FOSTER Charles Edward (I722)
19 "Death, which for weeks had been approaching steadily and relentlessly, came Saturday morning to Norman McKeown at his home in the south part of town....A normally healthy, happy young man who was making his way in life, he noticed a year or more ago a lump growing in his neck. He was busy, and put off a trip to the doctor. When he did go at last the physicians did not know what was wrong, and vital time was lost. At last, when it was too late, they announced that it was cancer. It was a bleak outlook, but Norman did not give up. Aided by a host of his friends here he went a few weeks ago to Mayo Brothers at Rochester, Minnesota. There he was examined and treated by the best specialists of the country, and they sent him home with renewed hope. But it was false hope. From the day of his return he declined steadily and rapidly." McKEOWN, Norman A. (I1002)
20 "Deceased had been poorly for a number of years hut not seriously so until the past ten days." FOSTER Ruthwin Floyd (I89)
21 "Deceased was born in Michigan in 1837..." FOSTER Ruthwin Floyd (I89)
22 "Della Darlene Powell, 74, of 615 N. Campbell St. died at 11:10 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1997, at OSF Saint Francis Medical....She formerly worked at St. Francis Hospital in Macomb and then worked at McDonough District Hospital for 21 years, retiring in 1988. She was a member of the 10 Year Club at McDonough District Hospital and Macomb Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. She also was a member of First Baptist Church of Macomb for more than 40 years, its Coats Circle, its General Missionary Society and its Friendly Sunday School Class."
FISHER, Della Darlene/Darlyne (I223)
23 "During the greater part of the remainder of her life, she suffered from the infirmities of old age until June 22, 1937 when she passed to her reward." FOSTER Mary Jane (I711)
24 "Earlier in the summer she was very ill with malarial fever, but was slowly recovering, but twenty-four hours before her death she suddenly. took to her bed and rapidly failed until the end came." FISHER Mary Amelia (I308)
25 "Ed Brice of Bardolph and Ernest Bissell (should read Otis Bissell) of Blandinsville have been released from the insane asylum at Jacksonville on account of their improved condition." BISSELL, Otis George (I1800)
26 "Edward Pearson, 64, died at Passavant hospital at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday after an extended illness." PEARSON, Edward (I1834)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: BISSELL, Edwin C. / HILTON, Opal (F563)
28 "Effie Jessie Fisher was born on a farm northwest of Burlingame May 15, 1902." FISHER, Effie Jessie (I1866)
29 "Emma J. Fisher was born Westmoreland county, Pa., Oct. 28, 1854..."
FISHER Emma Jane (I309)
30 "Funeral from Leidner Chapel, 223 St. Louis Ave. Tues. Nov 18, 9 am to Corpus Christi Church. Internment Memorial Park Cemetery." MUELLER, Wilhelmine (I1792)
31 "Funeral from the residence Monday afternoon. Rev. T.A. Ball officiated." FISHER, Arthur M. (I75)
32 "Funeral services for Miss Nancy M. "Nannie" Foster, 84, of Blandinsville were held at 2 p. m. Saturday in Jones Mortuary Chapel in Colchester with the Rev. Dale
Eddington officiating. Burial was in Foster (Blandinsville South) Cemetery." 
FOSTER, Nancy Mariah (I1082)
33 "Funeral services for the late Floyd Foster, who died at his home in Blandinsville Thursday noon at the age of 84 years, 6 months and 1 day, were held at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon from the Baptist church at Blandinsville, conducted by Rev. Chas. Van Dettum of Bushnell and Rev. D. E. Clayton of Blandinsville. Interment was in the Barclay cemetery." (Actually interned at South Cemetery, Blandinsville. Have never heard of South Cemetery referred to as Barclay Cemetery.) FOSTER Ruthwin Floyd (I89)
34 "Funeral services were held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 31 at Sargent’s Chapel in Macomb. The Rey. Cecil Swindle officiated and burial was in Oakwood Cemetery
in Macomb." 
BISSELL, Blanche (I949)
35 "Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. Friday at the chapel of the Jones Mortuary in Colchester. Burial was in Friendship Cemetery. The Rev. Ray Chalfant conducted the services." FISHER, Frederick Austin (I1812)
36 "Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at the Blandinsville Baptist Church with the Rev. Joseph Ferreira officiating. Burial was in Glade City Cemetery." BRITTON Fronie Ethel (I61)
37 "Funeral services were held at 2:30 p. m. at the Radden Funeral Home in Blandinsville Monday (Nov 28) afternoon. The Rev. Joseph Ferreira and the Rev.
John Keller conducted the services. Burial was in Glade City Cemetery." 
FISHER Martha Jane (I242)
38 "Funeral services were held at 2:30 p. m. Tuesday, August 10 at Berea church, near Prentice, Ill..." FOSTER, Chlora May (I1118)
39 "Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church at 2 p.m. Wednesday with Rev. John R. Spillman officiating. Burial was in south cemetery near Blandinsville with the Walters funeral home in charge." WALTERS, Nancy Maleta (I171)
40 "Funeral services were held at the Baptist church on Sunday afternoon and were largely attended. Rev. H. P. Kelly officiated, and interment was in the Stronghurst cemetery." McKEOWN, Norman A. (I1002)
41 "Funeral services were held at the Baptist church on Sunday afternoon, with the Rev. E. L. Smart officiating, and interment was in the South cemetery." CREASEY, Mariah Adeline (I1081)
42 "Funeral services were held at the home of Mrs. Wm. Firestone Sunday the 21st at 10 o'clock and were conducted by Rev. C. E. Roberts. Interment was in the Mission Center Cemetery." FIRESTONE, Peter D. (I1870)
43 "Funeral services were held at the home on Wednesday. February 27, at 2.00 p.m., the Rev. Chas. Gray and Rev. Edward Hardy officiating and interment was in south cemetery." FISHER Charles H. (I78)
44 "Funeral services were held at the Roberts Funeral Home here on Saturday afternoon. Rev. Kelly and Rev, Powell officiated, and interment was in the South cemetery." FOSTER, Wilbur (I1830)
45 "Funeral services were held at the Roberts Funeral Home on Tuesday afternoon for Abraham Lincoln (Abe) Pensinger, one of the Blandinsville community's old and well-known residents, who passed away at his home a mile west of town Sunday. He had lived for 78 years, six months and three days, and death was the result of heart trouble and complications. He had been in poor health for the past several years." PENSINGER Abraham Lincoln (I139)
46 "Funeral services were held at the U. B. church in Penalosa at two o'clock Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Horner, and burial was in the cemetery at Lerado by the grave of his wife." GRAFF, Teophiel (I1838)
47 "Funeral services were held Friday at 3 p. m. at the Friendship Church. Internment was in Friendship Cemetery. The Colchester American Legion Post conducted services."  FISHER, Wilbur Roy (I1144)
48 "Funeral services were held in the Baptist Church at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, conducted by the Rev. J. W. Allen, pastor of the church." FLORENCE, Harriet Elizabeth (I1794)
49 "Funeral services were held in the M. E. Church at 2:00 p. m. on Saturday, May 5, the Rex L. Peterson officiating. The pallbearers were his six brothers-in-law George, Charles, Harry, Alfred and Ralph Foster and Harrison Robinson." LOCKETT John Thomas (I813)
50 "Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 p. m. in the chapel of Jones' Mortuary in
Colchester. The Rev. John Keller officiated, and burial was in Foster Cemetery at Blandinsville, a part of the South Cemetery." 
FOSTER, Alta (I1083)

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